RSA Logistics, located in Campinas, counts on professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the market, maintaining a solid base of reliability and integral support to our client’s operations.

We operate in the international logistics segment by offering solutions in customs clearance processes of import and export, international freight forwarding, road transport and special projects, surpassing the expectations when the subject is quality assurance, safety, competitive pricing and transparency.

What we do

We offer solutions in international logistics, accomplishing continuous door-to-door work and we are considered as the Foreign Department in the vast majority of our clients.

With the experience attained over the years, RSA aims to guarantee quality, safety, competitive pricing and transparency in import and export customs clearance processes, international freight forwarding, road transport and special projects, by demonstrating high technical knowledge in all areas of international logistics.


Provide outstanding solutions in international logistics with personalized and transparent service; put the customer always first, prize responsibility, respect, and provide quality services and safety in business management.


Achieve excellence in the logistics process, ensuring the integration and synchronization between the lowest cost and the shortest time in the execution of the process, always guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


• Total customer satisfaction
• Transparency and respect in operations
• Trustworthiness and security in process management
• Continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence
• Increase in productivity with quality assurance



• International Logistics

• Customs Clearance

• Special Customs Regime(Drawback / Ex-Tariff)

• Siscoserv

• RADAR Habilitation

• Special Customs Regime, Bonded Warehouse, Temporary Admission or Temporary Export.
• International Freight forwarding and national “door-to-door” service for any mode of transportation.
• Benefits in special operations, such as: Ex-tariff, Import of used machineries, Drawback – Exemption or Suspension.


Avenue Barão de Itapura, 3345 – Jardim Nossa Sra Auxiliadora – 13076-269 | City Campinas, Statue São Paulo, Brazil.
Telephone: 19 3294-0025